Sunday, July 5, 2009

....there's an app for that (iphone cake)

This is my wonderful hubbie's 38th b-day cake. He got an iphone from my daughter for father's day-yep, my 10 year old saved her christmas and b-day money the whole year to pay for it. Just trying to carry the theme a little further, and yeah, I know the ipod is on upside down, Kenzie pointed it out, but by then it was really stuck to the fondant and I couldn't move it.


Stacey Stoddard said...

Lisa - We got your invitation for Reece's birthday party. I wish that we were going to be in town that weekend but we have so much going on here right now it is crazy. After his talk with you all this summer Russel is doing his first mini triathalon next weekend. He is very excited.
Tell Reece Happy Birthday!

Lisa P said...

Thanks Stacey. I knew you couldn't come, but we still like to try to send the invites down that way. Tell him good luck. Kenzie just did a 1 mile open water swim and is going to do a triathlon next month.