Thursday, June 5, 2008

Creepy Crawly Cupcakes

These were the cupcakes my daughter took to school for her birthday-yes, I baked the entire week in addition to working.  They were her usual gross theme-no princess cakes for us.  The cupcakes are her favorite flavor-brownie/chocolate chip cookie.  Iced w/ chocolate ganache icing.  Used white icing writer to make the webs and then attached the gross realistic bugs ordered from oriental trading-what could be better for a 9 year old girl to take to school.  Had to make her teacher some cookies though-she doesn't like chocolate.  I'm always a little suspicious of people who don't like chocolate.  Anyway, simple, delicious, and perfect for any little princess's birthday.

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Anonymous said...

Your cakes are amazing!!!! Wish you were closer to NC - I'd be begging to commission cakes from you for my sons' birthdays!