Saturday, September 27, 2008


We found a baby kitty about 2 weeks old a month or so ago in the ivy outside our house. It was so little and the mommy had left it behind for some reason-I really felt it would die. But my daughter-the animal fanatic-refused to believe it. She cried over him the first second he was found. We fed him w/ a syringe then a bottle w/ kitty formula. I took him to work w/ me the first couple weeks to feed him. Everyday I expected him to die and tried to prepare Kenzie for the worst, but here he is several weeks later. Ivy-the cat-has taken over the house. This is the room formerly known as my powder room, or the "red bathroom". Kenzie put a toddler couch in it, Ivy's "bed"-a basket w/ a pillow, and oh yeah-part of a yoga mat. She found my good one and was going to cut it-that would have been bad for her. I remembered I found a really cheap one at Target for like one or two dollars, so I let her have that one and she made him a rug. I guess the cat is going to be with us for sometime.

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Mandy said...

Your cakes are so cute! I'm not that adventerous yet to do the 4D cakes. I love your idea for the speed racer cake. My son would love it for his next birthday. I usually make everything out of fondant.