Thursday, September 11, 2008


Here's some pics of my wonderful kids. Kenzie is 9 now. She swims and does triathlons as you can see-this is a collage she took to school for a "me museum" of herself.

Reece is 4 now-I can't believe it.

We had a party last night. No one's birthday or anything-at least not at our house. We had presents for the kids, balloons. Roasted weiners and marshmallows. Jerry even got a new fire pit for our deck.

Why have a party:
1. My was of saying sorry. I've been in the middle of switching jobs. Leaving a job you've been at 13 years-your entire adult life that you thought you'd retire from didn't bring out the best in me. I love my kids and family for putting up with me. Guess they didn't have much choice.
2. Reece is FINALLY potty-trained. I
thought it would take longer. Reece has a language disorder and most kids with it don't potty-train until at least 4. My normal languaged daughter took till 3 1/2, so I figured. . . . Anyway, he's catching up rapidly and we are really proud of him
3. Kenzie is doing great in everything as usual-school, sports, life. She's just one of those kids-takes it all in stride. She was baptized this summer-by her swim coach who's a minister-asked him on her own-we are so proud.
4. My husband is just awesome!!!

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